Scott Packer

Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors

I'm running for Metro Board because the people of Douglas County deserve to have a quality, affordable option for their education. Whether you are seeking a four year degree, a certification, or just trying to get some special training for advancement, I will work to remove whatever barriers may inhibit access to the education that you need.

-Scott J. Packer

Affordable Tuition

MCC has some of the most affordable price-per-credit-hour rates in the region. I will work to ensure that revenue streams stay open so that tuition rates remain reasonably priced.

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Quality Services

MCC's faculty, facilities, and administration offer a strong environment for learning. I will continue MCC's efforts to expand its facilities and grow its faculty to offer students the best environment for learning.

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Community Partnerships

How can MCC offer the best opportunities for students to enter the workforce with the skills needed for success? By partnering with local businesses who are seeking the talent needed to grow their commerce. I will work with community leaders and business owners to continue offering MCC students the best opportunities.

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